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When you receive an email from Lindt asking if you would like to work with them and try some of their chocolate, would you, like me, get so excited you sent back a big fat YES but forgot to add your address?  That’s just how excited I was when my email came in a couple of weeks ago 😉

I love chocolate. But it has to be good chocolate. Do you know what I mean? The chocolate that picks you up, gives you a hug, tells you everything is going be OK and then makes your tummy happy? Yes? Oh good, you understand!

Well then my lovelies, let me take you on a Lindt journey…

Firstly, You may notice that this is part 1 of a review. I was going to do everything in one post, a chocolate review and then cooking a recipe using the chocolate but ummm… ok I admit it… I got too into tasting the chocolate and sitting here talking about chocolate to my children that I didn’t realise how much of the chocolate we had eaten… *hangs head in shame* – but oh what glorious chocolately shame it is 😉 Part 2 will be next week…

On to the chocolate! After my email conversations with the rather fantastic team at Lindt, I received a box of 3 different types of flavoured chocolate bars from Lindt’s ‘Excellence’ range.  Orange Intense, A Touch Of Sea Salt and Caramel With A Touch Of Sea Salt.


First up was the Orange Intense. I am not a fan of a lot of orange flavoured chocolate because they can be too sweet and fake tasting. So I was a little hesitant. I sat down with a cup of tea (using my favourite mug from Doris & Co obviously!) ready for my first nibble.


Before you take the first bite, the aroma whispers up to your head and envelopes you with the smell that’s just like walking through an orangery in Seville whilst drinking a fresh hot mug of cocoa. The first bite contains the luxurious taste of smooth dark chocolate with slivers of orange and almond.  The orange pieces burst with flavour. True flavour not the fake commercial kind. The almond pieces add more of a texture than a strong almond taste, but the subtle taste is perfect against the other flavours. The slight bite to them sits well against the soft orange flesh and the now melting in your mouth chocolate. I am a orange chocolate convert.

Next was the dark Chocolate With A Touch Of Sea Salt. Now, I love salty chocolate. When I make florentines at home, I always make a salty version. Just because I like that combination of salt and sweet dancing and rippling over my tongue.


There are generally two kinds of chocolate with salt. Salt you cannot taste at all so all you get is chocolate or so much salt that all you can taste is the sea. However, I am pleased to say, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am about this… Lindt have made the perfect blend. The balance is excellent. It is salty but it is chocolatey. Neither one outshines the other. Well done Lindt, well done indeed. The salt brings out the dark chocolate flavour to bring you a very grown up taste. And let’s face it, we all have times when we want to feel grown up, right? 😉

The last but by no means least of my delectable trio was the Dark Chocolate And Caramel With A Touch Of Sea Salt.


This is by far the sweetest of the three chocolates so if you have a sweet tooth but also like a punch of savoury then this is the one for you. This chocolate would be ideal with a glass of whisky. The caramel sweetness would bring out the richness of the whisky and the slight saltiness would enhance the boldness. A combination to try before bed tonight I think 😉

The chocolate is very smooth and this is only made smoother by the rich caramel taste as it melts. The salt comes through to wake up your taste buds making this chocolate a well rounded taste experience.

The thing I adore about Lindt chocolate, is the fact that you get a snap when you crack it. Always a sign of good quality chocolate. And then of course is the taste. The taste is deep, rich and sumptuous, not to mention hard to put down.


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