jaduteareviewbybexzwalker - JADU Tea Review - Tantalising Tea's from London

I love tea. No sorry, you don’t quite get it… I LOVE tea. I am also an avid collector of teas and am proud to own teas from all over the world. So you can imagine my delight when JADU Tea (London) contacted me and asked if I would like to sample their teas.  I hastily said yes and to my delight a box of the most gorgeous looking and smelling teas arrived soon after.


As I opened the box, the smell of fragrant tea was a pleasing discovery that made me smile instantly. The packaging was excellent and a handwritten note and even a free notepad was a lovely surprise.

I received three teas. English Breakfast, Mademoiselle Grey and China Green.


The first tea I tried was the English Breakfast. The box it arrived in was so beautiful! A royal blue suede box with gold trimmings. The tea was nestled inside, perfectly wrapped in little fabric-like envelope tea bags.


I never drink tea with milk. Even good old fashioned English builders tea (you know the type… brewed so strong, your spoon stays upright in the middle of the mug 😉 ) I drink without milk. On went the kettle as I sat down ready to try my first tea.


Any excuse for tea also means any excuse to whip out my Doris & Co teapot and mug. You want to drink tea in style don’t you? I do love a bit of Doris!


The English Breakfast blend was smooth, subtle and refreshing. Perfect for that ‘get up and go’ feeling we all need in the morning. The colour of the tea was a glorious rich dark golden. I found this to be the perfect tea to sip whilst checking my morning emails. It’s easy to drink, you don’t have to think about lots of complex flavours. JADU Tea’s English Breakfast blend is a great all rounder for anyone who loves tea and will certainly now become a staple in my tea cupboard.

Next up was the Mademoiselle Grey tea blend. I opened the box, reached inside and pulled out a beautiful pyramid of the most prettiest tea I think I have ever seen.


The tea blend aroma is strikingly fragrant with the refreshing yet slightly heady tones of bergamot, orange, lemon, lemon grass and showered with red cornflowers, all of which is cuddled by the base of Sri Lankan Uva black tea. It is a feast to the eyes as much as it is to the nose.


JADU Tea’s Mademoiselle Grey won a star in Great Taste Awards 2015. The world’s most coveted blind-tasted food awards and you can see why. The taste is superb. Light, refreshing and aromatic, it has the taste of new adventures, romance and daydreams. A beautiful tea for any time of the day.

My final tea was the China Green blend.


Once again, I sat down ready to embrace my tea. Although I do love green tea and drink a lot of it, I am rather fussy with green tea. Some of them are just awful and taste like dusty fields, don’t you agree? So, I was a little wary of this, but after the other two teas, I had high hopes. I was not disappointed.


The China Green blend has the aroma of a grassy meadow in the summer. Green tea is well known as a detoxifier and sipping this tea does give you a refreshing uplifted feel. The tea itself is very slightly green in colour (as you would expect) and is clean tasting with a smooth bold flavour of picnics, relaxation and harmonious well-being. A perfect choice if you are feeling a little under the weather to bring you up to speed quickly.

I can honestly say I highly recommend JADU Tea and I know that my tea collection is about to grow even further now I have found them. Their attention to detail to make the art of drinking tea into a luxurious treat has paid off and their gift boxes are certainly something I will be now adding to gift lists to give to family and friends.

Bravo JADU Tea!