IMG 2409 - Grace Foods Hamper Review & Caribbean Food Week UK August 22nd-29th

You know when you absolutely love your job when a fantastic company like Grace Foods emails you and asks if you would like to do a review of their food and receive a hamper 😉 There was much clapping when the email was received I can tell you!

Grace Foods offer a wide variety of Caribbean foods here in the UK from ackee to callaloo and from pumpkin sauce to sardines in curry sauce. You name it, they have it. But they don’t just stop there…

Grace Foods are the host of Caribbean Food Week which takes place from 22nd August to 29th August 2016 at Windrush Square in Brixton, London. The week long event will host a variety of street food stalls, live cookery demonstrations, live music and more.

My hamper arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Myself and my youngest daughter had just been quite poorly and been to hospital with a nasty virus and I came home to a knock on the door with a smiley delivery man holding a beautiful wicker hamper filled with goodies!


Not only did all the above food come with the hamper but also a bag of party poppers, party plates, a mobile phone stand, 2 straw hats and an inflatable palm tree….

The hats and the palm tree were an instant hit with 2 of my kids as you can see below, they even got the dog involved in the party spirit (not that she looked too impressed by having a straw hat shoved on her head as you can see 😉 ).


So I sat down and planned our meal. There were bowls, pans and cooking utensils everywhere as I started to cook.

The end result was a colourful and delicious meal. Have a look!

I started by making a Caribbean style salsa to drizzle over my fish. I used ackee from my hamper, red chillies, spring onions, garlic, ginger, tropical seasoning (from Grace Foods, see photo of hamper for details), lime juice and a sprig of fresh thyme. The colours were amazing and it smelt and tasted fresh and zingy, with a little heat.


I drizzled fresh sardines with olive oil, a sprinkling of all purpose seasoning from Grace Foods and then griddled them on a high heat until they were slightly crispy on the outside but moist and tender inside. I, of course, then smothered them in my newly made Caribbean style salsa.


Fried chicken was next on the agenda and this was made easy by using the fried chicken mix from Grace Foods, then once cooked, drizzled with the Grace jerk BBQ sauce also from my hamper. I can honestly say this is better than any fried chicken I have eaten, including a well known fried chicken company from Kentucky 😉


Carribean chicken curry with green beans, rice and peas next. Once again using items from my hamper especially the tinned peas and beans, coconut milk, thyme and Caribbean curry powder along with lime juice, garlic, ginger and lemongrass.


Talking of curry, I then made a sweet potato and black bean curry, something I have only have tried in a restaurant but never cooked. It came out so well that it fast became my favourite dish of the party! Sweet potatoes, black beans, tropical seasoning, all purpose seasoning, tropical curry powder, vegetable stock, thyme, ginger, onion and garlic.


And finally the last dish, which my family described as the triumph of the evening… Caribbean style curried potatoes with callaloo. Potatoes with tinned callaloo, onion, chopped tomatoes, all purpose seasoning, tropical seasoning, tropical curry powder, fresh thyme, garlic and ginger. If you like Bombay potatoes or sag aloo, you should really give this a try!  Full recipe coming soon on my blog so keep an eye out!


As you can see, we had a great evening of fun and amazing food, all thanks to Grace Foods. I am so glad I have found them! If you’re looking for the authentic taste of the Caribbean here in the UK, look no further than Grace Foods and don’t forget to go to Caribbean Food Week next week too. Brixton here I come! If you see me there, please do come and say hi!